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Steve Lee

Manager of Field Quality and Technical Services CapsCanada

Recent Posts

The Formal Introduction of Capsules in America

Taken from the proceedings of the American Pharmaceutical Association annual meeting, August 1896 Held in Montreal,...

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Capsule Separation: 5 Steps to Reduce Waste and Downtime

Have you ever heard that less is more? While often used to describe art or architecture, the saying also works in the...

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Go/no go gauge for capsules: new improvements you need to know

The Capsule Length Gauge, also known as a Go/no-go gauge is a tool used to verify that filled capsules are being closed...

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K-CAPS: Some history with HPMC capsules and dietary supplements

When HPMC capsules first hit the main-stream supplement market in the mid 90’s, I was an encapsulation operator,...

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Why should a capsule manufacturer choose a supplier with exceptional technical service?

At CapsCanada® we are proud to have a unique set of resources at our disposal, including our state-of-the-art...

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Technical Portfolio: Learn about CapsCanada's services

At CapsCanada customers often tell us that the extensive support provided by our Technical Services Department provides...

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