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The Benefits of Delayed-Release Capsules for Probiotics & Enzyme Supplements

In a world that is increasingly focused on wellness and self-care, delayed-release capsules stand out as an...

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Delayed Capsule Delivery for Probiotics

What are delayed release capsules?

As opposed to the immediate release capsules which disintegrate within 9 minutes...

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Probiotics vs. Prebiotics: What is the Difference?

As we reported in our blog on 2024 nutraceutical trends, products that support gut health and the gut microbiome – such...

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Emerging Markets in Nutraceuticals: Women’s Health

One of the big emerging markets in nutraceuticals is women’s health. Many nutraceutical companies, from startups to...

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Pharmaceutical Trends 2024

By its very nature, the pharmaceutical industry has always been characterized by continuous innovation and change....

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