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The Evolution of Dietary Supplements

Today the global dietary supplements market is huge. In fact, it was estimated to US$164.0 billion in 2022, and is...

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The Hidden Costs of Cheap Empty Capsules

If you’ve received pricing from multiple manufacturers for two-piece hard capsules, you know that there can be...

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Natural Colorants Guide: Brown Carrot

Bring a touch of earthy brown sophistication to your capsules with Brown Carrot, a natural coloring option in KCAPS®...

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Natural Colorants Guide: Caramel

Get to know the attributes and multiple applications of caramel, included as a natural colorant in our KCAPS®...

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Natural Colorants Guide: Spirulina

Transform your capsules with spirulina, a natural colorant available in KCAPS® vegetarian capsules, to create a...

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Natural Colorants Guide: Annatto

Discover the versatility and vivid colors of Annatto, a premier choice in our natural dye selection for KCAPS®...

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