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Looking for the ideal capsule manufacturer? Technical service is the key

Trust is key to any B2B alliance. In the pharmaceutical industry, this is really important: as healthcare companies,...

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Flavored Gelatin Capsules for Dogs & Cats: the dosage form that improves your product

Pet owners care deeply about their pets. So much so that pet “humanization” is now a global phenomenon, with pet...

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Go/no go gauge for capsules: new improvements you need to know

The Capsule Length Gauge, also known as a Go/no-go gauge is a tool used to verify that filled capsules are being...

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The Consumer Trends Driving Projected Growth in the Supplements Industry


There’s nothing like a worldwide pandemic to focus consumers’ attention on health, wellness and how a healthier...

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The versatility and value of liquid-filled hard capsules

Even as biologics and gene therapies make headlines, solid dosage forms—tablets and capsules—remain the bread and...

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Flavored capsules: the next customization level

Capsule customization goes beyond sizes, printing, or color options. The next step? flavor. As PRnewswire reports,...

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