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A Unique Way to Capitalize on the Chlorophyll Trend

For over a year now, chlorophyll has been, as the saying goes, “having a moment.” Chlorophyll is trending. It’s hot,...

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What’s Trending in Hard Capsules for Pharmaceutical Applications?

Why are solid oral dosage formats the most popular formats? Because these delivery systems are the most...

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Sealing Types for Your Formulation in Liquid-Filled Capsule

In addition to having multiple advantages such as production efficiency and cost-effectiveness over other medical...

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Titanium Dioxide: Why Your Capsules Should Be TiO2 Free

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has now classified titanium dioxide (TiO2) as an unsafe food additive. As a...

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The Current Trends in the Pet Supplements Market

The global pet supplements market is big and getting bigger. According to Grand View Research, in 2021 the market was...

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Why Enteric Coated Capsules May Be The Best Option For Your Product Development

Oral delivery is frequently regarded as the preferable route of administration for pharmaceuticals. Many oral drugs are...

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