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Capsule filling machines: pros and cons

Capsule filling machines: differences, pros, and cons

Posted by CapsCanada on 30-Sep-2022 12:41:58 PM

The budget, purpose, production scale, and the types of capsules you want to fill are some of the things that should keep in mind choosing a filling machine to produce a quality product that adapts to your company needs.

Are you or your company in the search for a capsule filling machine? If the answer is yes, then it's time to consider your options and find out more about the different option types.

Advantages and disadvantages according to the type of machine


Knowing a little more about the various machines can help you make a logical and profitable selection of a machine for capsule filling operations.


Keep in mind that:

  •         Various types can provide similar performance at the same cost.
  •         Not all types are suitable for an application.
  •         Different applications and user requirements require different models.

  1. Manual Capsule Filling Machine

These machines are ideal for small-scale production, they can be used to fill different materials ranging from powder, granules, tablets, etc. Size 0# to #5 capsules at production speeds ranging from tens to hundreds of capsules per hour.




 • Easy to use: Its design facilitates assembly, disassembly, operation, and even troubleshooting.

 • Profitability: Great performance with a minimum amount of manual effort.

 • Low costs: A large investment is not needed. You save on equipment, technology, and maintenance.

 • Accuracy: High degree of verifiable accuracy due to human intervention.

 •More capsule options: It is the only type of capsule filler that supports the filling of joined and separated empty capsules.

• Risk of physical injury, since they are manually operated.

 • Increase in labor, to produce capsules.

 • More room for human error.

 • Employed only with low inventory levels.

 • Decreased productivity because operations can often be tedious and slow.

 • Variations in the amount of fill material in each capsule may occur.


  1. Semi-automatic capsule filling machine

A semi-automatic machine combines manual and automatic encapsulation machines, which can manufacture 10k to 20k capsules per hour, suitable for medium-scale production.




• Affordable prices: The technical requirements are minimal. This makes the cost of the equipment relatively low.

 • Construction: Compact, robust construction ensures long life and trouble-free operation.

 • Efficient Use of Materials: It doesn't matter if the material is cohesive or not, everything can be filled effectively.

 • Simple operation

 • Low operating noise

• Limited production capacity: This can make it difficult for you to grow with it as your business and production demand growth.

• Cost of additional personnel: At least one human being is required to operate it, therefore semi-automatic operators will have more workload.

• Heavy weight: Which can cause great inconvenience for installation, cleaning, and maintenance.


  1. Automatic capsule filling machine

Investing in a fully automatic capsule filler is an advantage that creates several benefits for any industry and application. It has encapsulation systems that can achieve high-speed and precise capsule filling.




• Higher production speeds: They allow filling up to 450k capsules per hour.

 • Reliability and Consistency: They will allow a repeatable, efficient, and consistent filling with each cycle.

 • Versatility: Variety of filling materials, as well as capsule types, materials, and sizes.

• Better capsule quality.

 • Upgradeable Machinery: These machines may come with preset fill limits.

• High capital expenditure required for the initial investment.

 • Large investment: To design, manufacture and finally install automated equipment.

 • Higher level of maintenance.

• Less degree of flexibility: In terms of possible products compared to a manual system.


Capsule Filling Defects

Consult with Capcanada 


Capsule filling is a complex process, where there can be a variety of challenges in both the manufacturing and filling process. For this reason, each capsule format is made up of numerous pieces, which must be perfectly aligned and adjusted to avoid loss or damage to batches.


The number one goal of our Technical Services Department is to ensure that our empty capsules are performing properly on our customers’ capsule filling machines. To that end, CapsCanada's customers are in good standing in the pharmaceutical industry or the dietary supplements industry and can take advantage of a broad range of technical services.


At Capscanda we believe that selecting and maintaining your capsule filling machines is critical in the capsule filling process and to meet the needs of your business.


Our team can provide you with a face-to-face consultation for machine training where: it will be explained how to configure, disassemble, reassemble and perform preventive maintenance on your filling machine (either automatic or a semi-automatic filling machine).


Keep in mind that the selecting high quality empty capsules in the encapsulation process is of great importance because this allows you to save costs and minimize possible waste.


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