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Go/no go gauge for capsules: new improvements you need to know

Go/no go gauge for capsules: new improvements you need to know

Posted by Steve Lee on 25-Mar-2021 9:46:28 AM

The Capsule Length Gauge, also known as a Go/no-go gauge is a tool used to verify that filled capsules are being closed to the correct length by the filling machine.

Properly closed capsules are locked together to help prevent capsules from coming apart after filling. It is equally important to ensure capsules are not over-closed, as damage to the capsule is common in the form of dented ends, or cracking in the capsule shoulder regions. Cracking commonly happens over time through continuous pressure of the body cut edge against the inside wall of the cap shoulder. Proper use of the gauge by encapsulation operators will help prevent these defects.


CapsCanada Capsule Length Gauge

Our Capsule Length Gauge

To help ensure proper use of the gauges, we have added a checkmark (√) to designate the space where capsules are closed properly, and an (X) to designate the space where a capsule would fit if it were over-closed.

Check Closing Length of Filled Capsules

Additionally, we have now modified the gauge design so that all capsule sizes we make are represented on one gauge, where we previously used two gauges to cover all sizes.

If you have any questions about the use of the capsule length gauges or our products, you can contact an expert here.


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