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Looking for the ideal capsule manufacturer? Technical service is the key

Posted by CapsCanada on 19-Apr-2021 9:27:36 AM

Trust is key to any B2B alliance. In the pharmaceutical industry, this is really important: as healthcare companies, the wellness of your end customers is the only goal, so every organization has to rely 100% on the capabilities of its B2B partners to manufacture the best products. This is why technical service is key in every alliance, especially when it comes to capsule manufacturers.

If you are looking for the best capsule manufacturing partner, you need to look for the best technical service in the industry.What are the most important features of a technical service department and what you need to look for in the capsule industry?

What is a good B2B technical service?

As a general rule of thumb, B2B technical service tends to be more complex than the B2C one. This is because business-to-business issues have more than one stakeholder, and respond to complex issues within the way different groups of people work. 

As team support explains, “Our research shows that first contact resolution (FCR) for B2B customers tends to be lower than that for B2C which is due to the more complex issues generated in a B2B environment”. 

Why is it important to choose a good B2B partner? The more knowledge and expertise your ally has, the smoother the problem-solving process will be. 

You need to look for an ally that has:

  • Years of experience in the field.
  • Knowledge about trends and latest industry developments.
  • Ability to handle the latest technology in the industry.
  • A portfolio that shows the quality of its internal process.

All this can be summarized in “know your customers”. If your ally knows your needs and goals, its technical service will be of great value to your company. 

Six sigma webinar

Second-order empathy is important when looking for technical service in the pharmaceutical industry. The reason, according to User Like, is that in B2B, besides empathizing with their direct customer, companies need to empathize with the end customer: “Customers don’t buy products, they buy solutions. In order to understand the problem your direct customer is dealing with, you need to be in tune with your end customers’ needs”. This is really important in the healthcare industry. 


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What you need to look for in pharmaceutical technical service

Your capsule manufacturer’s technical service must pursue two important goals: cost reduction and efficiency improvement. To bring this to fruition, your partner needs to offer integrated end-to-end solutions.

How can that be achieved?

  • On-site technical support for your company.
  • 24-hour responsiveness and support.
  • Knowledge to troubleshoot any issues with your equipment.
  • Webinar-based classes about your industry, so you can educate your personnel and solve future problems.
  • Your ally needs to be aware of the best safety, efficiency and quality practices that are important to your business.

Here, at CapsCanada, we can do this and more for your company. As experts in the encapsulation industry, our technical service ensures the quality and efficiency of your product throughout the scope of your development efforts.

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