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5 Ways to Use Gelatin Capsules

5 Ways to Use G-CAPS® to Differentiate Your Product

Posted by CapsCanada on 7-May-2021 8:50:08 AM

Here’s a quick quiz: Do your customers remember what your product looks like? Or, put another way...if your capsules are sitting in a “weekly pill organizer” with five other capsule products, can your customers easily identify which is your product?

If your answer to either of these questions is “no,” you’ve got a product differentiation problem. This can make it more difficult to build brand loyalty with your target market or achieve high levels of patient compliance.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution: Use capsule customization technologies to create a product that is unique, memorable and easy to recognize. G-CAPS®, CapsCanada’s high-quality gelatin capsules, gives you a full range of options for achieving this.

Here are five ways you can use G-CAPS®capsule customization options to differentiate your product:

1. Choose memorable capsule colors


Capsules colorsCapsule colors are usually the most immediately recognizable element of your product. As such, they can create a powerful association between your product, your brand and your brand value.

Our recommendation is that you choose your capsule colors wisely. Studies have shown that a medicine’s color will influence a patient’s perception of its desirability and function. For example, a soothing color is considered more desirable for a medication that is meant to sooth in some way, such as a sleep aid or acid reflux treatment.

G-CAPS® are available in a broad spectrum of standard and customized colors. All are fully compliant with FDA, USP (United States Pharmacopeia) and EP (European Pharmacopeia) regulations. This means that you can:

  • Use Pantone matching to match your brand colors
  • Choose 2 colors – one for the cap and one for the body
  • Select colored banding that stands out from the cap and body colors

gelatin capsules brochure

2. Apply unique capsule finishes


custom-designed gelatin capsules

Premium finishes offer another layer of differentiation and can be custom-designed to create an exclusive look. Choose from:

  • Bright finish
  • Metallic finish
  • Luminescent finish
  • Iridescent finish
  • Pearlized finish

3. Use custom capsule printing

custom gelatin capsule printing

Whether for branding or regulatory purposes, G-CAPS’ flexible capsule printing is another way to make your capsule stand out. Options include:

  • Radial and axial printing (up to 360° for text printing)
  • Logo printing, radial or axial (up to 270°)
  • Two-color and one-color printing, using pharmaceutical grade ink in a broad array of colors
  • Rectified
  • Non-rectified

Have a pediatric product? To help encourage compliance, consider imprinting your G-CAPS® with illustrations, logos or characters.


Keep learning about capsule technology trends...

4. Make your capsules taste good


Flavored gelatin capsules

What if your product smelled and tasted like berries… or bubblegum… or oranges… or coffee …or mint? What would that do to optimize its appeal in pediatric applications? Would it be helpful for adults who have difficulty swallowing medicines?

CapsCanada’s gelatin capsules are available in a wide variety of pre-formulated or customizable flavors. Whether you need to mask a strong flavor or simply make your capsule more desirable, flavored capsules are a fun and tasty way to differentiate your brand without compromising the integrity of your product.

5. Select an ideal size

gelatin capsules sizes

In addition to color, size is a highly recognizable element of your product. People will often remember whether a product is a small, medium or large pill.

G-CAPS® are available in sizes 000 to 4. This gives you the flexibility to focus fully on developing the best product for your indication without having to worry about material density.

In sum, you have many, many options for creating personalized capsules that are customized specifically for your brand. Of course, with G-CAPS®, your product differentiation begins before you even consider capsule customization options. This is because G-CAPS® are Kosher and Halal certified, made with gelatin from 100% bovine hide that never originates from genetically modified livestock. These are facts that nutraceutical makers will want to mention prominently on the product’s outer packaging.

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