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Flavored Gelatin Capsules for Dogs & Cats: the dosage form that improves your product

Flavored Gelatin Capsules for Dogs & Cats: the dosage form that improves your product

Posted by CapsCanada on 26-Mar-2021 2:00:00 PM

Pet owners care deeply about their pets. So much so that pet “humanization” is now a global phenomenon, with pet “parents” around the world viewing their pets as full-fledged family members or even “children.” Not surprisingly, pet parents want to do whatever they can to keep their beloved dog or cat healthy and happy—and the demand for pet supplements, such as vitamins and herbs, as well as pet medications, such as antibiotics, continues to rise. In this scenario, a trend is becoming more important: Flavored Gelatin Capsules.

Dogs and cats are very good at rejecting medications

However, while pet owners are keen to use pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements to support their pets’ health, their pets are often quite uncooperative in this process.

If you’ve ever tried to hide a dog’s pill in a piece of meat or cheese, or in a pill pocket, only to have the dog eat the treat and spit out the capsule, you know that the struggle is real! Because the capsule does not smell or taste like “food,” most dogs and cats will refuse to swallow it. This problem is especially troublesome to pet owners when the medication was prescribed by their pet’s veterinarian to address a serious health problem.


Flavored empty capsules turn “medications” into “treats”

The solution lies in the empty capsules themselves. Instead of encapsulating your product in standard gelatin capsules, choose CapsCanada’s PET-CAPS, unique flavored gelatin capsules instead. These capsules go beyond masking the strong taste of medication. Because the capsules both smell and taste like beef, bacon or chicken—foods that pets love—dogs and cats happily ingest their pills without making a fuss.

PET-CAPS eliminate the struggle, including potentially dangerous force feeding, and greatly increase both compliance and pet owner satisfaction.

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Flavored capsules for pets are an excellent product differentiator

According to Transparency Market Research, pet owners see herbs, vitamins and other supplements as part of their first line of defense against ailments—and are now scrutinizing these pet products more closely. Dietary supplement products are being judged on “nutritional content, functional benefits and even packaging.”

Needless to say, being able to tout that your product comes in an oral dosage in one of your pet’s favorite flavors will really get consumers’ attention! Flavored capsules also save consumers time and money, as they do not have to worry about buying pill pockets, wrappers or maskers.As the market gets more crowded, the need to create innovative products that solves problems for both the pet and the pet owner grows.


Keep learning about gelatin and flavored capsules...


The increase in e-commerce increases the importance of product reviews

In 2019 Chewy.com and Walmart entered the online pet pharmacy stores space, and Petco teamed with Express Scripts to add online veterinary prescription fulfillment to its service offerings. In 2020 the pandemic served to accelerate this already-strong move to e-commerce for both pet supplements and pet pharmaceuticals.

While sales of antibiotics and other prescription medications are obviously driven by the prescribing veterinarian, online sales of vitamins, herbs and other supplements can also be heavily influenced by consumer product reviews. As Amazon and other e-commerce giants have proven, people put a great deal of weight in the opinions of total strangers. By making it easy to give pills to cats and dogs, flavored gelatin capsules can help your products garner the enthusiastic five-star reviews that influence sales.

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PET-CAPS function like any other gelatin capsule

The good news for brands and manufacturers is that PET-CAPS do not require any special handling or machinery. They are just like any other gelatin capsule, but with scent and flavoring added to the gelatin. A full range of customization options, including colors and printing, can be used for branding purposes.

PET-CAPS are available in three standard flavors (beef, bacon and chicken) and seven sizes to meet the needs of different size pets: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4. These are premium-quality products made from BSE-free 100% bovine hide pharmaceutical grade gelatin. In fact, these capsules are made to such a high standard that they are safe for human consumption as well!

To request samples, reach out to us at info@capscanada.com.

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