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Delayed capsule delivery for probiotics

Delayed Capsule Delivery for Probiotics

Posted by CapsCanada on 29-Feb-2024 8:15:50 AM


What are delayed release capsules?


As opposed to the immediate release capsules which disintegrate within 9 minutes in the stomach, delayed release capsules are formulated not to disintegrate in stomach. CapsCanada’s K-CAPS® delayed release capsules are designed to stay intact until after they pass through the stomach, and then disintegrate once they reach the intestines. This is especially beneficial for nutraceutical actives including probiotics that can be harmed by stomach acids and enzymes. 

One way to achieve delayed release is to add an enteric coating by spray coating the filled capsules. Because enteric coating is a risky process that can ruin a batch of filled capsules, CapsCanada has developed K-CAPS® delayed release capsules that get the job done without the need for an enteric coating. 



Probiotics require delayed release


Probiotics are live microorganisms, such as bacteria, that support gut health by helping to create microbiome balance. To be effective, though, the live microorganisms in probiotic dietary supplements must still be alive when they reach the intestine. A key consideration when choosing empty capsules for probiotics is therefore whether the capsules can protect the probiotics from the harsh environment of the stomach. 

Made from HPMC, K-CAPS® delayed release capsules are the best capsules for probiotic dietary supplements; they are vegetarian capsules that do not contain phthalates. This is important, because in the US, phthalates are not approved for use in nutraceuticals. 


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Advantages of using K-CAPS® delayed release capsules 


A big advantage of K-CAPS® delayed release capsules is that they eliminate the need for harmful chemicals such as phthalates, solvents or additional coatings to protect your probiotic formulation. From the branding standpoint, K-CAPS® delayed release capsules have a crystal-clear appearance. From the cost standpoint, these capsules offer the same excellent performance on your filling machines as our standard K-CAPS®, thereby helping you to maximize profitability.


To request samples reach out to your local CapsCanada Technical Representative. 

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