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Encapsulation Training Resources for Contract Manufacturers

Posted by CapsCanada on 10-Jun-2024 3:08:44 PM

One of the things that sets CapsCanada apart is the lengths that we go to help our customers succeed. Yes, it all starts with our full range of extremely high-quality capsules. Beyond that, we also back our products up with exceptional customer service and an elite technical service team dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain high-yield production with your capsule filling machinery.


For many years the experts on CapsCanada’s technical service team have been available for both on-site and telephone- or videoconference-based assistance with process optimization, troubleshooting, repair and training.


Now we are excited to be building out an amazing online Technical Services Library filled with capsule-filling training videos, GMP compliance training for encapsulation processes and other encapsulation training materials. CapsCanada is the only one in the industry that provides this resource, which is password-protected for our customers to access at any time.


Looking for encapsulation training? CapsCanada is here for you!


Improve encapsulation efficiency with CapsCanada’s training videos 


A highlight of our technical services library is the video training series. As a CapsCanada customer, you get instant, free access to a series of “no fluff” one- to two-minute training videos for operators on different capsule-filling machines. These step-by-step instructions will help you reduce capsule-filling errors, optimize encapsulation processes for improved product quality, learn best practices for cleaning and maintaining encapsulation equipment, and more. 

This series of more than two dozen capsule-filling training videos includes instruction on how to:

  • Install the Magazine
  • Adjust Separation Pins
  • Align Dosing Disc
  • Assemble Dosing Base Area
  • Set Tamping Ring / Dosing Disc Gap
  • Disassemble/Reassemble Counter-Closing
  • Use a Capsule Length Gauge
  • Clean the Dosing Hub
  • And more

To quickly find exactly what you need, you can filter the videos by category: Rectification, Separation, Filling/General, Closing & Ejection, or Maintenance.

Upskill your encapsulation team with CapsCanada’s video library! 

Learn best practices for encapsulation

In addition to the training videos, the Technical Services Library also includes downloadable PDFs, each illustrated with photos and drawings, that provide detailed instruction on various issues related to Capsylon 1505 and 3005 machines. 

These encapsulation training resources for contract manufacturers provide details on:

• Setting the Counter-Closing
• Daily and Weekly Greasing
• Timing
• Separation Pin, Suction Shoe and Vacuum Adjustments

Watch helpful webinars on your schedule


While the brief training videos are extremely helpful for learning or reviewing very specific topics, sometimes a broader, deeper dive is called for. This is where CapsCanada’s webinars come in. Webinars available for immediate access include:

• Capsule Filling 101
• Root Cause Analysis of Capsule Filling Defects 
• Key Six Sigma Principles Everyone Should Know (a two-webinar series)

The technical services library is growing


With more content being uploaded quarterly, this is an invaluable resource for companies to use to train their staff and stay up to date with the latest advances in the industry. Our plan is to add post-training quizzes, brochures, fact sheets, charts and e-books, in addition to continuing to add more videos and webinars to the mix. 

CapsCanada customers can access the technical service’s library by contacting your designated sales or tech representative. 

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