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Discover why Your Capsules Should Be Fair Trade Certified

Posted by CapsCanada on 22-Mar-2022 12:44:22 PM

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, consumers are watching closely. In addition to population access to medications and OTC products in the market, other determining factors influence the decision of buyers when choosing specific products, laboratories, and medications.  One of them is transparency in the manufacturing processes and raw materials.

According to Forbes, competition is fierce in today's business environment, and it can be difficult for a company to stand out in clients' eyes. Businesses who take social responsibility seriously, on the other hand, can win customers as well as position their brand according to their target audience. That’s why it's crucial to count on the proper certifications for your product. 

Fair trade affects people's lives. Farmers and workers benefit from an equitable approach to the market, which provides a fair deal, higher compensation, and better working conditions. Fair trade has the potential to address many of the world's most pressing issues, including poverty, child labor, and climate change.

What does the Fair Trade Certification mean for your Capsules?


Fair Trade is a global movement that works for fair prices, fair earnings, sustainable development, and sustainable life for farmers and workers in developing countries, particularly in Latin America, Africa, and other regions of the Global South. A Fair Trade certification agency verifies that the producer follows a set of social, economic, and environmental norms when they certify a product.

Fairtrade certificates ensure that your goods and business adhere to the principles of transparency, democratic development, social progress, and environmental sustainability in their manufacturing processes.

This certification shows that the company has established conditions for fair wages, worker protection, occupational health and safety requirements, ecological sustainability goals, the prohibition of harmful pesticides, and the reduction of pesticide use in general, as well as the protection of important biotopes and endangered species.

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Thanks to Fairtrade's strategy, farmers and workers have more control over their livelihoods and may decide how to invest in their future. As a leader in the worldwide movement to make fair trade, it supports and challenges businesses and governments and connects farmers and workers with the people who buy their products.

People can make a difference by purchasing Fairtrade products. Producers and enterprises who use the Fair Trademark have met internationally accepted requirements that have been independently certified.

In the pharmaceutical industry, those items should be a priority. Often it is believed that those types of certifications are an exclusive asset for food manufacturers, but the need for these commitments apply to different processes, like raw materials. If you intend to expand the consumption of your products, this certification should be a synonym of sustainability and quality.  Having FairTSA certificated capsules (such as the capsules CapsCanada produces) could be a major plus in the eyes of your consumers. 


The Process to Become Fair Trade Certified


According to FairTSA, any producer has the right to apply for this certification with a preliminary Accredited Certification Agency (PAC). After the candidate accepts an operation for inspection under the FairTSA standards, this assessment is planned as soon as possible, upon a mutually agreed date. The inspection should take place in a way that allows the crop(s) in question to be inspected before harvest.

At least one person responsible for the operation must be present during the inspection. Following the completion of the inspection, the inspector must conduct an exit interview and explain any issues that need to be addressed. The certification review and the on-site inspection cannot be done by the same individual.

CapsCanada is FairTSA certified in the South American facility for the areas of manufacturing processing and handling inspection. Every capsule produced adheres to cGMP conditions and standards. Our vertically integrated supply chain better enables us to ensure uninterrupted and reliable long-term supply, complete traceability, and superior quality of our raw materials.

FloVitroTM method uses a flow-through approach that utilizes a series of solid transfer cells that incorporate pharmacokinetic characteristics.

The benefits behind Fair Trade Certification


Fair Trade and its standards could address difficulties in your supply chain. Your high-quality produce will come from a dependable supply network. Farmers who are fairly compensated, secure, and well-trained are better prepared to deal with global concerns such as climate change.


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CapsCanada has the necessary certifications and registrations to meet the new needs of the population. Our manufacturing facilities are committed to corporate social responsibility, fair working conditions, and environmental protection.

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