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Natural colorants: the next evolution of the HPMC capsules

All natural. Vegetarian. Gluten-free. Kosher. Halal. Non-GMO. The list of things that health-conscious consumers of...

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How to Tell If You’re Using a Quality Hard Capsule

Formulation of oral solid dosage drugs in hard capsules provides many advantages, from the protection of potent or...

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Tablets vs. Capsules: 5 Things to Consider

What dosage form will you use to deliver your supplement or medication? This important decision, which must be made...

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Capsules: How to make them even more “natural” with natural colorants

As the dietary supplements’ shelf gets increasingly crowded, health-conscious consumers are getting increasingly...

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How to optimize profitability in drug product manufacturing with hard-shell capsules

When evaluating different dosage forms, it is clear that hard-shell capsules provide significant advantages over...

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Building healthcare brands through recognizable capsules

Differentiation and establishment of brand recognition are as important for drug products as they are for consumer...

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