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Sustainability and Clean Labels

Sustainability and Clean Labels, a current demand

Posted by CapsCanada on 16-Aug-2022 6:16:37 PM

The Clean labels are the representation of natural, clean and understandable ingredients for consumers. On these tags it is guaranteed that the components used in both the food and pharmaceutical sectors are free of incomprehensible terms, as well as artificial substances.

According to a study by Health Focus International (2019), one-quarter of shoppers worldwide said that plant-based products have become more important in their day-to-day in the last year, and another quarter are willing to pay for a vegetable premium product.

Clean Labels capsules are a consumer-oriented product that prioritizes natural and easy-to-understand ingredients. The goal is to offer a healthier product with the need for greater sustainability and help the environment.



Clean Label products are considered transparent, direct and, honest with the consumer, providing them with a safe and risk-free option.


In a closer scenario, the pandemic established in the consumer’s minds a concern for their health. In order to prevent new diseases, there is a growing demand for cleaner labels that preserve the quality and safety of what they eat.


The purchasing focus is on choosing products made from natural and vegetable sources, since they represent a greater well-being option, over products made from animal origin.


On the other hand, alternatives such as meat consumption or vegetarianism are not what determine this new reality. The trend is driven by health, the environment and the desire for products that are not artificially enhanced.


Industry Innovations


In the capsule market, the color segment is expected to experience further growth, due to the increasing importance of colors in today's world, generating demand in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.


There is a great challenge in order to adapt formulations to the new demands of consumers. ess artificial ingredients,  free of additives, new technologies focused on conservation and packaging alternatives are necessary.


It is important to keep in mind that consumers want dietary supplements whose ingredient lists are understandable, easy to read, and that can interpret for themselves. Therefore, it is necessary that see all of the ingredients on the list and also know where come from.


One example is where a user feels much better knowing they are ingesting a natural color-based capsule rather than an artificial color-modified one.


It should be noted that the Clean labels does not specifically refer to vegetables or animals, it simply adds value to a new way of consuming products that are healthier, safer, fresher, more nutritious and more ecological.


Consequently, the dynamics in the Asia-Pacific and European markets have presented a significant pull on Clean Labels' product positioning on the basis of higher living conditions, making long-term sustainability a priority. 

CapsCanada offers alternatives

After knowing a little more about this aspect and what consumers are looking for in the current market. Our products seek to be an affordable and transparent option so that those who have the possibility of accessing and consuming their medicine or health supplements do so with knowledge and mindfulness over the ingredients used. 


At CapsCanada our products are certified and registered as Halal, Kosher, Vegan and Vegetarian, BSE- and prions - free and Fair Trade Certified.


In addition, we manufacture alternative capsules such as K-CAPS® with natural colorants, free of preservatives and free of TiO2 which are a perfect and natural alternative for brands. 


Each of these registrations and certifications provide a global and safe guarantee in its products, making the label be transparent with the ingredients and in some cases totally natural, a reality.



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