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Offer Your Customers a Tasty Alternative to Gummies

Posted by CapsCanada on 1-Sep-2023 5:27:59 PM

If you’re in the business of selling nutraceutical products in traditional formats such as capsules and tablets, here’s a fact that might already be having a serious impact on your sales: Many consumers are shifting away from traditional pills to gummies, and this trend is even more pronounced in younger generations. Mintel’s research shows that while 41% of consumers overall prefer to take vitamins in a gummy format, this preference skyrockets to 62% for Generation Z and 53% for Millennials.

These consumers want their supplements to taste good


For many consumers, it seems that the experience of taking a supplement has grown in importance. It’s not enough to simply take a vitamin or supplement. They want the experience of doing so to be fun and enjoyable. 

Gummies are currently the most popular format that is meeting this need. Soft chews, confectionary bites, gels and liquid shots are also growing in popularity. As Mintel puts it, “the lines between vitamin, mineral, and supplement products and functional food and beverage continue to blur.” 


The problem with gummies


That said, gummies are not a panacea, especially for products that are meant to support the user’s good health. There are several serious issues associated with providing nutritional supplements in gummy form, including:

• Sugar – Gummies are essentially fortified candy. As such, they often have some form of sugar or artificial sweetener as one of the main ingredients. Excess sugar consumption, of course, is associated with a long list of negative health outcomes. 

Sugar also tends to be addictive. People who take gummy supplements on a daily basis may find that these sweet gummies increase their cravings for additional sugary foods and beverages.

• Calories – Consumers who are trying to watch their caloric intake may not realize that the calories from gummies can add up.

• Formulation – Gummies present a range of formulation challenges, including dosage-related issues and the amount of sugar and flavorings necessary to mask unpleasant tastes.
• Timing of release – Because they are chewed, gummies are truly “immediate release,” which is not desirable for all formulations. In contrast, “immediate release” capsules, which are swallowed whole, actually take up to 10 minutes to dissolve. 


flavored capules brochure


Stand out in the marketplace with a unique alternative

What if you could offer your nutritional supplements in a traditional pill format – and also give consumers the flavorful experience they desire? Thanks to CapsCanada’s FLAVOR-CAPS flavored capsules, you can! 

FLAVOR-CAPS are flavored gelatin two-piece capsules that both taste and smell delicious. Hitting both of these senses is important, because the perception of flavor is created when messages about taste and smell converge in the brain. 

CapsCanada’s flavored capsule options include:

• BERRY-CAPS – Berry flavored empty capsules
• BUBBLEGUM-CAPS – Bubblegum flavored empty capsules
• COFFEE-CAPS – Coffee flavored empty capsules
• FUN-CAPS – Fruit blend flavored empty capsules 
• GRAPE-CAPS – Grape flavored empty capsules
• LIME-CAPS – Lime flavored empty capsules
• MINT-CAPS – Mint flavored empty capsules
• ORANGE-CAPS – Orange flavored empty capsules
• STRAWBERRY-CAPS – Strawberry flavored empty capsules

Custom flavors can also be developed.

Flavored capsules offer the best of both worlds


With flavored capsules you can offer an “on trend” solution that tastes great but (a) doesn’t pose any of the challenges associated with gummies and (b) provides the convenience and familiarity of pills. 

Offering supplements in this format also gives you the opportunity to educate people about the idea that eating “fortified candies” is really not the best way to support their health. 

Your message to consumers can be: Enjoy all the deliciousness of a gummy without any of the sugar or calories. Gummies are really just “fortified candies” masquerading as “health food.” Our XYZ-flavored supplements taste just as good as the gummies – but come in an easy-to-swallow pill format. 

Given the physical size of the average gummy, the fact that your “standard size” bottle of capsules most likely contains significantly more servings than a similar-sized bottle of gummies can also be made into a selling point. 


Flavored capsules meet other needs as well


Like all of CapsCanada’s gelatin capsule products, FLAVOR-CAPS are made from the highest quality bovine gelatin (we own our entire gelatin supply chain!), are non-GMO and Kosher and Halal certified, and are designed to provide flawless performance in your high-speed filling machine.

For more information about FLAVOR-CAPS and/or to request samples, contact our team.


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