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Meeting the need for a 100% natural green colored capsule

Posted by CapsCanada on 28-Jun-2023 10:43:17 PM

In real estate they say that the three most important things are location, location, location. In the nutritional supplement space, it sometimes feels like the three biggest ongoing trends are natural, natural, natural. 

Consumers are demanding products that are natural, sustainable and “clean.” They don’t want to consume animal products. They avoid synthetic ingredients. And they’re picky about natural ingredients, too – plants that have been treated with pesticides or herbicides, or grown from genetically modified material, do not fit the bill.

Given these facts, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of vitamin and supplement brands are making the switch to HPMC capsules made with natural colorants. 

Natural colorants meet a real and growing need


As the name implies, natural colorants are colorants made from natural sources – such as plants, vegetables, algae and seeds – and produced without the use of harmful and/or polluting chemicals.

Products such as K-CAPS® vegetarian capsules made with natural colorants are specifically designed to support clean-label claims. These K-CAPS® capsules are Vegan Registered with the Vegan Society; Kosher, Halal and non-GMO Certified, free of titanium dioxide, animal products, starches, preservatives and allergens.
Nutritional supplement makers appreciate the fact that K-CAPS® made with natural colorants offer the same performance and functionality as their synthetically-colored counterparts. These capsules can be filled with powders, granules, beads, tablets, gels, pastes and/or liquids. Their shelf life, dissolution profile, performance on filling machines, and ability to withstand variations in temperature and humidity are not affected using natural colorants. They’re simply more natural.


K-Caps: Natural Colorants


Green is a particularly popular color for natural supplement products


Because green is the color that consumers most associate with plants and nature, we’ve seen that many companies that want to emphasize the “naturalness” of their product wish to use HPMC capsules made with natural green colorants as part of their branding strategy. 


We’re excited to introduce a revolutionary new natural green colorant


The exciting news is that we have solved this problem! CapsCanada is now using a new natural green colorant made from a mix of bixa orellana (annatto) and arthosphira platensis (spirulina) to make       K-CAPS® vegetarian capsules in a very attractive green hue. Best of all, from the regulatory standpoint, HPMC capsules made with this green colorant meet your “clean label” needs.



  • In the US Annatto is a color additive exempt from certification and 21CFR73.30 allows the use of Annatto extract in capsules for dietary supplements. Annatto is a color additive permitted in food according to European Regulation 1333/2008/EC compliant with the purity criteria set by European Regulation 231/2012/EU.

  • In the US, Spriulina is a color additive exempt from certification and 21CFR 73.530 allows the use of Spirulina extract in capsules for dietary supplement. 

    Of course, like all of our capsule products, K-CAPS® made with this new green natural colorant can be custom imprinted radially or axially on the cap and/or body. 



Want to encapsulate your vitamin or supplement product in a green capsule that meets market demand while supporting your branding and environmental goals? Request a sample today.

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