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Planning a Product Launch in the Growing Beauty Supplements Market?

Planning a Product Launch in the Growing Beauty Supplements Market?

Posted by CapsCanada on 9-Aug-2023 5:17:16 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic gave consumers around the world a wake-up call about the importance of good health. As a result, the supplements market is booming, and more people are now taking vitamins and supplements than before. 

Within this broader boom we’re seeing another trend: Huge growth in the beauty supplements market, which is expected to grow 43% between 2018 and 2026. In many ways you might say that the cosmetic industry is remaking itself. The trend in beauty product innovation is to expand product offerings beyond topical treatments to also include beauty supplements. In fact, consumers are demanding this! When they surveyed U.S. female shoppers, The Benchmarking Company found that 76% of participants now expect beauty brands to offer supplements, and 77% trust these beauty brands to create a safe and effective ingestible product. 

Consumers want sustainable beauty


An emphasis on the importance of self-care, combined with the goal of creating “beauty from within” to augment the use of topical cosmetics, has created enormous opportunities for both startups and established brands in the cosmetic industry. Especially for the Millennial generation and those who are younger, the focus has shifted away from “anti-aging” to finding ways to embrace the aging process and age with grace and continued good health.

The Benchmarking Company’s survey also showed that 92% of beauty product buyers believe the best way to attain their beauty objectives is with an inside/out approach. They see the value in taking supplements to support wellness and compliment their existing skin and hair care regimen, thereby creating a complete wellness routine. Consumers are recognizing the connection between overall wellness and appearance, as well as the ability of specific supplements to impact how they look. It’s a holistic and proactive approach to creating sustainable beauty, health and radiance at any age.
Some of the most popular products in this sustainable beauty space are those that support skin, nails and hair. Consumers want to have clear, firm, wrinkle-free skin. They want strong nails. And they want to promote hair growth and hair health. Beyond this, they are also recognizing that supplements that address things such as stress reduction and immune support can also be considered beauty supplements, because of the way they create beauty from within. 

Empty Capsules offer unmatched convenience


A significant decision that startups and others entering this space need to make during the R&D process is to choose a dosage format. What type of ingestible is best for beauty supplements? After studying the options, many brands conclude that customizable empty capsules are the best choice. 

The reality is, empty capsules, such as CapsCanada’s K-CAPS® HPMC vegan capsules, avoid some of the biggest issues associated with other dosage formats. For example, many gummies and soft chews are essentially candies that include supplements in their ingredients. They’re full of sugar – something that many consumers who are concerned about their health and appearance are striving to reduce. Functional foods can seem great at first, but having to eat the same item in specific quantities every day can get old. Powders, which generally must be mixed with a liquid, have the same issue. Consuming that beverage can become a chore.

In contrast, capsules for beauty formulations are a familiar and convenient dosage format that is sugar-free, easy to consume and extremely portable. Capsules create an enjoyable consumer experience that makes it easy for your customers to continue to take their beauty supplements every day, day after day.


K-Caps: Natural Colorants

Capsules for beauty formulations also meet the demand for eco-friendly products


Another big advantage of K-CAPS® HPMC vegan capsules is that they are eco-friendly. For a number of years buyers of nutritional supplements have been looking for “clean label” products that are as “natural” and sustainable as possible. K-CAPS® meets this need with empty capsules that are:

⦁ Made from HPMC, which is a plant-derived material
⦁ Non-GMO
⦁ Kosher and Halal certified
⦁ Free of preservatives, common allergens and starches
⦁ Vegan registered with the Vegan Society

To take things a step further, K-CAPS® are also available with natural colorants, and these naturally-colored empty capsules are also free of titanium dioxide (which is a legal requirement if you plan to sell your beauty supplements in the European Union). 

Stand out in the market with custom-branded beauty capsules


K-CAPS® HPMC vegan capsules are customizable empty capsules. When you choose K-CAPS® for your beauty supplements product launch you can customize your product by selecting from a variety of sizes, colors (including your brand’s Pantone colors and a range of natural colorants) and finishes. Your custom-branded beauty capsules can also be custom printed on the capsule’s cap, body or both, including printing fine and intricate details.

Quality is key


Above all, with beauty supplements being a relatively new product category, consumers are looking for proof that these products work. Mintel research found that while 20% of adults do not trust ingredient and product claims that are not backed by science, 44% do trust brands that showcase efficacy through clinical trials. 

The high quality of K-CAPS® HPMC vegan capsules make them the ideal packaging for your high-quality, science-backed product. 


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