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The Benefits of Delayed-Release Capsules for Probiotics & Enzyme Supplements

Posted by CapsCanada on 8-May-2024 12:43:52 PM


In a world that is increasingly focused on wellness and self-care, delayed-release capsules stand out as an innovative solution for probiotics and enzyme supplements. These capsules enhance the effectiveness of these products, offering more efficient results for those pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

How do Delayed-Release Capsules work?


In order to be effective, the active ingredients of probiotic or enzyme supplements must reach the intestinal tract. However, before reaching the intestines, the beneficial microorganisms or enzymes in the supplements must pass through the stomach, where they can be negatively impacted by gastric acid.

This is where delayed-release capsules come into play. These capsules act as a barrier against stomach acid, as they contain a material that prevents them from dissolving until they reach the intestines, where the supplement's effect is desired.

Delayed-release capsules also safeguard against pH fluctuations, temperature variations, moisture, humidity and oxygen penetration, ensuring the stability and efficacy of sensitive contents.



Do Delayed-Release capsules differ from Immediate-Release capsules?


Yes. Different types of capsules serve distinct roles in supplements delivery. While delayed-release capsules are engineered to release their contents at a specific time in the digestive tract, immediate-release capsules have a different mission. 

Immediate-release capsules are crafted for supplements that need to be absorbed swiftly, either directly into the bloodstream for quick efficacy or in the stomach or oral cavity for immediate action. This distinction in capsule design aligns perfectly with the unique purpose each medication or supplement is meant to fulfill.

A healthy solution for everybody


As the number of health-conscious consumers continues to grow, there has been a notable shift in the nutraceutical sector to accommodate their needs – including meeting the demand for vegetarian products. In addition to gelatin-based versions, delayed-release capsules are now also offered in vegetarian HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose) forms. These vegetarian options can also be both Kosher and Halal certified, making them an ideal choice for individuals with specific dietary restrictions.


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Main benefits: What makes Delayed-Release Capsules stand out for probiotics and enzymatic supplements?


• Enhanced patient comfort: Bypassing the stomach reduces the likelihood of uncomfortable reactions, such as nausea or bloating. 

• Better medication effectiveness: The effectiveness of some medications is significantly amplified by the use of delayed-release capsules. These capsules strategically release active ingredients in the intestines, the optimal location for absorption. 

• Greater convenience: For consumers who prefer taking their supplements once a day or have specific dosing schedules, delayed-release capsules can simplify the process by reducing the dosing frequency.

• Reduction of nutrient competition: By releasing nutrients in a controlled manner, the possibility of them competing with each other for absorption is reduced.


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In a time when accuracy and patient comfort are essential, delayed-release capsules represent a significant advancement in supplement delivery technologies. These capsules give you a leap forward in medical innovation that focuses on improving patient care. 

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