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Tablets vs. Capsules: 5 Things to Consider

What dosage form will you use to deliver your supplement or medication? This important decision, which must be made...

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Gelatin capsules vs. HPMC capsules: What are the differences?

Encapsulation, which is used for both medications and dietary supplements, is one of the most widely utilized...

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Why should a capsule manufacturer choose a supplier with exceptional technical service?

At CapsCanada® we are proud to have a unique set of resources at our disposal, including our state-of-the-art...

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K-CAPS HPMC Capsules: How to solve dietary supplement industry defects

In the dietary supplement and vitamin industry, consumer demand for “natural” products is a key driver behind...

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Probiotics: Hard-shell capsule solutions for sensitive compounds

Delivery of drugs and dietary supplements formulated with sensitive compounds can be challenging, particularly if...

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