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How our capsules can support research and development

Posted by CapsCanada on 21-Oct-2022 10:06:23 PM

According to a Congressional Budget Office article, between 2010 and 2019, the number of drug innovations approved for sale increased by 60% compared to the previous decade.


With this in mind, the total spending on research and development increased by nearly 50 percent between 2015 and 2019. Many of the drugs approved in recent years are specialty drugs for small groups of people.

The constant innovation and creation of new drugs, requires activities that are grouped into:

  • Invention: research, and discovery of new methodologies.
  • Development: testing and preparation for filing FDA applications and designs for more efficient production processes.
  •  Innovation: including the development of new formulations and delivery mechanisms for existing capsules and the testing of these for additional indications.
  •  Product differentiation: to show that the new product is superior.
  •  Safety monitoring: clinical trials that the FDA may require to detect side effects that may not have been seen in trials.

Currently, companies have substantial research and development spending on clinical trials that are conducted, preparing federal requirements. As a result, changes in federal policy regarding clinical trials can significantly impact private spending on R&D. This is why an effort is made to reduce costs and expenses through new policies.

Capscanada and Clinical Trial Capsules


FM-CAPS ® are a flexible dosage form to accelerate your drug development process. These capsules help provide a more precise medication dose to each consumer, as they can contain multiple medications in a single capsule. Offering a seamless transition from clinical to commercialized capsules and up to 9x faster market growth.

Its reformulation approach allows it to leverage earlier-stage clinical stability studies to support its final dosage format. This innovative method eliminates wasted motion in clinical trials, resulting in shorter timelines and reduced costs.

One step further with Capscanada


Capscanada brings the possibility of providing personalized service, with a wide range of high-quality hard gelatin and vegetarian capsule products, previously studied with innovations that meet the needs of the global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets.

Our Company research and development team is focused on providing solutions to current market requires in terms of Clean Labels, TiO2-free capsules, and Natural Colorants, among others.

Likewise, we offer this service at all stages of capsule production, from the idea to the finished product for medicines, Clinical Trials, food supplements, cosmetics, and veterinary products.

Our capsule research center is equipped with state-of-the-art machines that allow us to offer our clients an adequate identification of their requirements, and to provide reliable advice based on product knowledge and experience. Research and development, preparation of documentation, as well as a comprehensive professional service in modern analytical laboratories.


A wide range of developments in the field of hard gelatin and vegetarian capsule manufacturing technology, enable new product formulations based on the latest market trends; achieving:

  •         Modification of existing product formulations.
  •         Selection of raw materials of suitable quality from qualified suppliers.
  •     Development of technology and realization of test and pilot batches.

The experts of the Research and Development department offer professional services that include: 

1.       Development and validation of methods for filling products.
2.       Development and validation or implementation of capsules according to the objectives.
3.       Training of implemented changes.

We are a qualified company, constantly finding innovation and learning opportunities on new technologies in the industry, which can be applied in the productions of our factory, and thus offer cutting-edge products.



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