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At CapsCanada®, the assurance of quality begins from the very start with our raw materials. Made from 100% bovine hide, our gelatin capsules are Kosher and Halal certified to accommodate a large and diverse customer base, and we never use gelatin originating from genetically modified livestock.


You could incorporate your brand preferences and enjoy the features of the capsules:

G-caps Landing-05

Available in size 4 - 000

G-caps Landing-08

Moisture content is kept between 13% and 16%


G-caps Landing-06

G-caps Landing-06



Five-year shelf life

G-caps Landing-07

Guaranteed to disintegrate within 15 minutes

G-caps Landing-09

Manufactured with pharmaceutical grade bovine gelatin


Unlike other manufacturers, CapsCanada® owns its entire gelatin capsule supply chain, starting with our internal raw material supplier. This guarantees the quality of our gelatin, and enables us to provide long-term, continuous supply chain support. We maintain a reliable inventory of gelatin capsules, with a four-month supply on hand at all times.

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Discover why pharmaceutical and supplement makers around the world are choosing G-CAPS® gelatin capsules for their complex formulations.

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