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Accelerate the drug
development process

FM-CAPS® is the best solution for conducting your clinical studies because they are made with primary range dyes and additives, which allow the desired coloration easily and efficiently, reducing the time between trials and market launch (Up to 9 months faster to market).

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A flexible dosage form that addresses today’s complex formulation issues to accelerate your drug development process that enables fast, efficient color selection using a reformulation approach, allowing you to leverage earlier-stage clinical stability studies to support your final dosage form format.

FM capsules formulation


  • Up to 9 months faster to market
  • Reduced regulatory interaction
  • Reduced number of required stability studies
  • Seamless transition from clinical to market capsules
  • Quick color matching & logo designs

Traditional capsule development and testing is conducted in standard clear capsules. If any change is made to the API formulation, including additives used in the coloration of the final market ready product, the entire development process starts over and the new formulation must be resubmitted to the regulatory agency with the additional color dyes.

FM-CAPS® contain the primary range dyes and additives

  • It makes easier to achieve the desired coloration
  • It removes unneeded dyes and retaining only those necessary to producing the desired market color
  • FM-CAPS® are available in a full range of sizes, and can be customized with diverse coloration, imprinting and finishing options to reflect the unique characteristics of your brand.
FM capsule sizing formulation

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