Taking Customization to the Next Level

Capsule customization goes beyond sizes, printing, or color options. The next step? Flavor.

CapsCanada® offers the expertise and technologies to help you mask undesirable tastes and odors in formulations

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An innovative way to conceal undesirable tastes and increase the appeal of your products.

Our capsules are available in a wide variety of pre-formulated or customizable flavors, optimizing your product appeal in pediatric applications and among consumers who have difficulty swallowing medicines.

Advantages of Flavor Capsules
Flavored-caps are the response to a common need amongst the geriatric and pediatric patient population.
  • Promote patient compliance and consumer preference for your capsules.
  • Long-term treatments can be more manageable with flavored capsules.
  • Combine this kind of customization with capsule features such as color, to make recognizable products.
  • Create attractive products for the pediatric market.
  • A great variety of flavors is important to appeal to individual preferences and cultural factors.
  • Flavored capsules have a great appeal in the vet pharma industry. Learn more about Pet-Caps here.
A wide variety of flavors
Discover a wide range of flavor options. A tasty way to differentiate your brand without compromising the integrity of your product.


  • capsule


    a blend of fruit flavored capsules.
  • capsule


    strawberry flavored capsules.
  • capsule


    grape flavored capsules.
  • capsule


    mint flavored capsules.
  • capsule


    bubble gum flavored capsules.
  • capsule


    lime flavored capsules.
  • capsule


    coffee flavored capsules.
  • capsule


    orange flavored capsules.
  • capsule


    berry flavored capsules.

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