Deglobalization of APIs and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing:  Addressing a Significant National Security Risk 

As Rosemary Gibson, a senior advisor on health care issues at the bioethics-focused Hastings Center explains, “Medicines can be used as a weapon of war against the United States. Supplies can be withheld. Even without the specter of the weaponization of medicines, there are other problems associated with reliance on China and India as well. These include geopolitics, the lack of transparency around quality issues, the impact of harmful environmental practices and more.

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  • How pharmaceuticals are made
  • API markets
  • Pharmaceutical markets

Risk of reliance on China and India

  • Geopolitics and the potential weaponization of medications
  • Lack of transparency in pharmaceutical labeling
  • Drug-resistant infections fueled by harmful environmental practices

Recommendations for policy makers

  • Enact legislation
  • Encourage the adoption of new technologies
  • Provide incentives for “local” production